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About Us

Committed to providing state of the art data collection and management systems that improve the quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of our customer’s efforts.

Our mission is simple: Build systems and services targeted as solutions to everyday business and government problems.

MOSAIX provides cloud based, data collection and management systems that are delivered to our customers as a service. This means that there is no software to purchase, no servers to support, no IT headaches to cure.

MOSAIX systems are built upon our exclusive expert-systems approach to the design of data collection and management systems. We are committed to providing our customers with software that is highly intuitive and that reflects the natural workflow and environment of our users. This ensures that users can become proficient with minimal training.

Our systems are designed to think like our customers. We employ logical navigation schemes, quick-glance dashboards, and related features built around how the user actually performs his or her daily tasks. We are driven by the belief that we must design our systems with an understanding of how our customers think and not how we as software and systems developers think. Our designs are based upon a philosophy that is anchored in a core set of beliefs yet evolves in a prudent manner as technology allows.

MOSAIX is housed in a 15,000 square foot facility designed to enhance the collaboration of our team members. With our strong focus on collaboration we employ and support a large in-house development team and do not out-source any of our development efforts.

Our professionals have extensive industry-specific knowledge in a variety of business and government disciplines, with a commitment to delivering high quality technology solutions supported by an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Today, MOSAIX systems are being used on a daily basis by thousands of professionals in a variety of fields—in more than 2,400 government agencies, businesses, and organizations across the nation.


David C. Castaldo, President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Castaldo has been a member of management teams in both growth companies and those experiencing financial difficulty. He has over 25 years of experience as an executive of “high-tech” manufacturing, software, and service firms, having served in various positions including president, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and chief operating officer. Mr. Castaldo has spent the latter part of his career as an executive participating in the successful management of companies through financial restructurings. He has extensive experience in financial matters as well as in the development of product and market strategies. As CEO of MOSAIX, he focuses a great deal of his attention on relationship building with major business and governmental customers. His previous company experience includes software development, analytical instrumentation and devices, laboratory and consulting services, and aerospace instrumentation. Market experience and knowledge includes the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, various materials markets (steel, aluminum, plastics, etc.), aerospace, automotive, and both federal and state government contracting. Mr. Castaldo holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting and information sciences and a Masters’ Degree in Finance. He is a licensed pilot and the co-owner of a successful flight school at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport.

Theresa Dean, Vice President, Engineering

Mrs. Dean is a technology executive with a diverse background in software development and system engineering ranging from SaaS applications and e-commerce websites to military defense systems. She previously held development and management positions with technology firms in which she established a solid record of effective leadership. She is particularly adept in recognizing excellence in individuals and inspiring team members to achieve their potential while working toward project and organizational objectives. Theresa combines her passion for elegant design and empathy for people using technology to create innovative software solutions and engaging product experiences. When not managing MOSAIX’s engineering operations, Theresa volunteers as a mentor for organizations such as MentorNet and Girl Develop IT. Theresa holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Jennifer L. Rouse, Vice President, Client Services

Ms. Rouse has over ten years of experience managing teams that design and implement data collection and management systems in both business and government settings. In her role as VP/Client Services, Ms. Rouse helped customers understand complex technical issues and acts as a bridge communicating their needs to the internal engineering teams of the firm. She has accumulated significant contract management expertise through her work with many state and federal agencies. She has provided leadership within the groups she has worked with, helping them assess priorities, develop strategies, and reach consensus decisions. She served as the Deputy Project Director of the Health and Human Services/Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration’s (HHS/SAMHSA) Data Information Technology Infrastructure Contract (DITIC) and Data Collection Reporting Analysis (DCAR) contracts. In her work with SAMHSA, Ms. Rouse collaborated with the agency and its grantees to develop web-based grantee reporting, evaluation, and technical assistance monitoring systems. She has also worked with a number of federal and state agencies to design, conduct, and develop tools for evaluation studies including SAMHSA, ONDCP, and CDC and numerous state agencies. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and a Master’s Degree in Business.


AVMAN Flight Operations & Scheduling Software

A complete solution for managing aviation businesses

AVMAN offers FBOs, flight schools, and flight club operators a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions designed to simplify and streamline the many operational, administrative, and oversight tasks associated with the efficient management of their operations. AVMAN is ideal for aviation organizations faced with the many data management and administrative challenges of operating a successful and efficient enterprise—particularly those that must deal with the regulatory requirements imposed by the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Built upon MOSAIX’s proven VIRTUOSO Accounting System, AVMAN consists of a complete array of integrated modules, encompassing virtually all aspects of managing a general aviation business. MOSAIX currently offers three packages configured to meet the unique needs of each of the different types of businesses in aviation. AVMAN/FBO, AVMAN/FS, and AVMAN/FC are targeted at FBOs, flight schools, and flight clubs. Each package is configured as a complete solution and contains the features necessary to operate those businesses. Features from other MOSAIX products, such as Fuel Management or Aircraft Maintenance, can be added to any of these systems where it will seamlessly integrate with the primary solution.


For smaller companies that need more than a small company accounting system

VIRTUOSO™ is a tool that provides managers with the information required to make informed decisions. If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it drove the development of VIRTUOSO™.

VIRTUOSO™ was created to meet the needs of smaller companies that need more than a small company accounting system. VIRTUOSO™ is built on the company’s field-proven Comptroller System, and is a cloud based implementation of that legacy system. In use for over twenty five years, Comptroller was originally developed to support the accounting and compliance needs of small government contractors. It specifically addressed the time-consuming and labor intensive accounting and related administrative tasks associated with the management of cost based government contract work. Over the years Comptroller’s capabilities were expanded in order to satisfy needs in varied industries including small manufacturers, commercial business service providers, and non-construction contractors. In these companies Comptroller was tasked with assisting management with controlling costs and improving bottom lines, therefore becoming a true management information system.

MOSAIX IMPACT Suite of Grants Management Software

MOSAIX is a leading provider of cloud-based data collection & management solutions for government agencies

MOSAIX has been developing and providing grants management software since 1998. The evolution of these efforts has resulted in the release of IMPACT SAPT for the management of Block Grants. IMPACT SAPT ensures that a consistent data collection methodology is maintained in order to meet the Block Grant requirements. IMPACT SAPT is part of the IMPACT Suite of Grants Management Software Services. IMPACT is extensible in that it can be configured to not only allow customers to comply with these federal reporting requirements, but also to collect additional information regarding the programs, follow a customized workflow, or provide additional reports that meet the unique needs of customers.

The IMPACT Suite is capable of supporting all of your data collection, management, and reporting needs for grantee performance management and grants management. Data can be utilized between the different suite members to plan, manage, and report within and across grants programs, agencies, or time periods. IMPACT will change the way that your agency manages its funding and shares the results of its efforts.

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