Job Family:         Information Technology

Discipline:           Systems Analysts

Career Level:      Associate I

Department:        Operations Applications


Overall Purpose:

This position is responsible for supporting the overall operation of Duquesne Light’s Supervisory Control and DATA Acquisition System (SCADA). Support will include the day-to-day needs of control room operating staff and other end users. It is a requirement that supporting the SCADA real-time operation will include serving on an on-call rotation during non-business hours. The candidate must possess excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills and teamwork. Perform daily, weekly and other periodic procedural tasks to verify the state of the SCADA system, perform programming and database projects associated with the real-time operation of the Duquesne Light’s SCADA, and actively participate with the IT-SCADA engineering staff on various engineering assignments relating to the operation and support of the SCADA System.

Provide Support of the SCADA system, specifically data acquisition issues: Frontend Communication processor issues, communication technologies using analog, digital (DDS), DNP3, frame relay or MPLS, protocols used by the SCADA system to collect data from field Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), support for Inter- Control Center Protocol (ICCP), as well as for the Outage Management System (OMS). Actively maintain the asset database and Ports and Services data and support and maintain compliance with CIP Standards. Interact with SCADA field engineering groups to resolve issues and participate in on-call rotation as required to support operations department and maintain high SCADA and supporting systems availability.

Maintain awareness of new developments in Data Acquisition and SCADA/EMS technology as applied to power system control and operation. Participate in the verification and testing of the Alternate Operations Control Center. (Required) Provide assistance during storms by filling the role of SCADA Support within the Storm Team


Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for participation on one or more project teams, application development, integration, and modification activities, as well as related maintenance and support.
  • Participating in project planning sessions with team members to analyze Business IT requirements.
  • Engaging in limited amounts of client interaction.
  • Working with project team to define and design project scope.
  • Developing and integrating applications per written specifications.
  • Translating business and technical requirements into application modules.
  • Utilizing at least one programming language or software technology.
  • Aiding in the preparation and presentation of status updates for projects.
  • Making modifications to existing software applications and modules in accordance with written specifications and industry standards.
  • Developing software application modules using disciplined software development processes.
  • Testing and implementing application modules they have developed or modified, ensuring application meets needs of client and business.
  • Providing ongoing maintenance of client/server applications or tools,
  • Handling Tier II support issues (tickets) within area of expertise.
  • Participate in the 24/7 SCADA On-Call Rotation
    Does not supervise others.